Virtual Staging

No time for home staging?
Simply tell PropertyBOX which objects need to be added.

What is Virtual Staging?


Research suggests that a furnished house will generate more interest online than that of an empty property.

The ability to virtually dress and stage a property room by room can bring a house to life and drive viewers to the property.

We can take photos of an empty room and stage it to provide the user with a greater insight into how a room will look furnished.

We use furniture sets (as opposed to individual items) that are a combination of real and digital images to achieve the best possible results

A designer colour matches the wallpaper, floor and other features in the property to look for furniture that would look more natural to the eye.

Our Recommendations

    • Choose photos of different rooms – preferably one photo per room.

    • We recommend providing photos with the most wall.

    • Where possible, use photos where you can see the corner.

    • Label the photos with what the room needs to be staged as.

    • For example ‘Living Room’, ‘Dining Room’, ‘Kids Bedroom’

    • Advise us of the general look and feel needed.

  • For example ‘Traditional’, ‘Modern’, ‘Industrial’

    Virtual staging will take 1 working day in addition to the current standard turnaround time.
PropertyBOX Virtual Staging

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Why PropertyBOX?

We believe that every property deserves to look its best. This is why we developed PropertyBOX.  With enhanced photos you can deliver listings faster, drive more interest and receive higher valuations.  Our technology allows you to sketch and upload the floor plan at the property, giving you more time with the vendors.

In a digital world, polished photos sell houses.  Regardless of weather, equipment or skill, get it right every time with blue skies, green grass and more.  Now, there's no need to spend time debating whether a property deserves extra TLC. The way we see it, they all do.  Whether it's a quick snap on your iPhone or a professionally taken DSLR shot, drop it in PropertyBOX and let the magic happen.
Let's be honest: navigating tricky floor plan software probably isn't the best part of your job.  Got your floor plan sketch? That's all you need.  Upload your sketch and we will have a professional floor plan back to you in no time.  So scrap paying for floor plan subscriptions. Let us save you time, so you can spend it generating more listings or with family. 

Using PropertyBOX is incredibly simple.  We have designed each feature with estate agents in mind, so it’s easier than ever to upload photos and floor plans in just a few clicks.  PropertyBOX saves you time, money and stress.  We know you didn’t become an estate agent to edit photos and floor plans, so get your free 30 day trial of PropertyBOX today.
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