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How to use PropertyBOX

How To Use PropertyBOX

PropertyBOX is incredibly easy to use.  You can register at for you free 30 day trial and start creating your first property today.  

To help you on your way we've created a useful How To Guide to take you through each step from uploading your first floor plan sketch, to photo enhancements and object removals.

Download the full guide here.

How to Draw a Floor Plan

Property descriptions and photographs are crucial to the foundation of a good listing; but a beautiful, descriptive floor plan can be the differentiator between being ignored and getting a quick sale.


Why? Because while a photograph helps a viewer establish an emotional connection with a property, a floor plan helps them understand whether the property has the right layout for their lifestyle.

Download The Estate Agent's Low Effort Guide To Beautiful Floor Plans here.
PropertyBOX Floor Plan Before After

Photography Guides

PropertyBOX Photography Guide

One of the reasons we developed PropertyBOX was to help you wow your vendors with beautifully edited photos.  To help you get the most out of PropertyBOX, we've created three guides on better property photography.  It’ll take you through what to do before, during and after taking the photos.

1. Before the Shoot Guide

2. During the Shoot Guide

3. After the Shoot Guide

How to use the Floor Plan Editor

The floor plan editor can be used to make the following instant changes.


- Change room type

- Change room & floor names

- Change measurements

- Change total square footage

- Edit symbols (doors, windows etc)

- Export floor plan manually

- Change text size


Download our Floor Plan Editor Guide here.
PropertyBOX Floor Plan Editor

What is Object Removal?

PropertyBOX Object Removal Remove Clutter

No time for home staging?  PropertyBOX will remove cars, bins or signs from your photographs. Simply tell us which objects need removing.

Learn more about Object Removal with our example gallery here.

Download our Object Removal Guide here.

Home Staging

One of the essential parts of marketing any property is home staging.  It’s important to make it clean, tidy and clutter-free, so a potential buyer can look at the photograph and picture themselves living there.  The home should be ready for your shoot, so remove items that will affect the finish of the photographs, such as repeat offenders, dirty dishes and any hung up coats.

Download our Home Staging Hacks Guide.
Before and After PropertyBOX Virtual Staging

The images are fantastic and I'm saving loads of time. Very happy I don't have to do it anymore!

Why PropertyBOX?

We believe that every property deserves to look its best. This is why we developed PropertyBOX.  With enhanced photos you can deliver listings faster, drive more interest and receive higher valuations.  Our technology allows you to sketch and upload the floor plan at the property, giving you more time with the vendors.

In a digital world, polished photos sell houses.  Regardless of weather, equipment or skill, get it right every time with blue skies, green grass and more.  Now, there's no need to spend time debating whether a property deserves extra TLC. The way we see it, they all do.  Whether it's a quick snap on your iPhone or a professionally taken DSLR shot, drop it in PropertyBOX and let the magic happen.
Let's be honest: navigating tricky floor plan software probably isn't the best part of your job.  Got your floor plan sketch? That's all you need.  Upload your sketch and we will have a professional floor plan back to you in no time.  So scrap paying for floor plan subscriptions. Let us save you time, so you can spend it generating more listings or with family. 

Using PropertyBOX is incredibly simple.  We have designed each feature with estate agents in mind, so it’s easier than ever to upload photos and floor plans in just a few clicks.  PropertyBOX saves you time, money and stress.  We know you didn’t become an estate agent to edit photos and floor plans, so get your free 30 day trial of PropertyBOX today.
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