By Team PropertyBOX • November 20, 2019

Photo Upgrade Credits

We are excited to announce the release of Credits to all PropertyBOX accounts.  

Credits are designed to help you manage your photo upgrades and save you even more time and money, so you can focus on what you do best.

What are Credits?

Credits are available on any registered PropertyBOX account.  They can be used on Photo Upgrades such as object removals, including cars, bins or clutter, as well as virtual dusk or virtual staging.



Credits can be purchased in variable sizes, making it easier for branches to manage multiple photo upgrade options. 

At present Credits are specifically for photo upgrades and in future will expand to a wider range of products within PropertyBOX.

Why should I use Credits?

We introduced Credits to help you manage your properties more effectively, but with the objective of saving you money, with greater discounts. 

  • Save 5% on credits over £100
  • Save 10% on credits over £200
  • Save 12% on credits over £384
  • Save 15% on credits over £800

For agents with multiple branches this can avoid sign off requests and allows for easier cost control across your PropertyBOX accounts.

How can I purchase credits?

Credits can be purchased in the Account section of PropertyBOX.  Simply click on the profile icon, Account Info and the Credits tab.

Buy Credits

You will also be able to view the remaining number of Credits you have available.

How do I use my Credits?

Credits can be redeemed against any Photo Upgrade.  Simply click on the yellow star of your preferred photo. 


Example 1


Clicking on the yellow star will display the 'Photo editing upgrades' menu.  Once here you can redeem your Credits to each of the upgrades you have selected for that photo.


Credit gif


If you would like more information on Credits please contact our Support team.