By Team PropertyBOX • October 24, 2019

Alex from Purplebricks shares his PropertyBOX story


“Hi I'm Alex Summers.  I'm an LPE working within the South Essex area.  I’ve been with Purplebricks for two and a half years and I’ve been using PropertyBOX since it first came out last October.

I find that prior to using PropertyBOX I’d take 20-25 houses onto the market each month.  Converting about 40 percent, but I was finding a lot my time was spent drawing floor plans, doing the floor plans, editing photos and depending on the size of the property I could really see myself spending 15-20 minutes on each floor plan.  Then you've got your photo editing as well, so it was really eating a chunk of my time just to get the basic parts uploaded.

Since using PropertyBOX I’ve found is it's so much quicker for me to get the properties onto the market and this is really helped by the fact that I take a photograph of the floor plan in front of the customers, so they buy into the journey, but also what I'm doing there is uploading that photograph straight into PropertyBOX, so it's waiting for me when I get back into the office so that I can check the floor plan and also upload the photographs and get them ready for editing and send over to PropertyBOX, which then enables me to start on all of the other things that we need to do to get the property compliant and live.

It's taken a lot of time out of my day, enabling me to concentrate on other parts of my business and as a result of that, not only am I finding that I've got more time for myself, but I've seen my conversion rate has increased to closer to 60 percent because I'm able to concentrate and focus on the areas of the business that's going to bring me more business.

So when I get back into my office I'll take the SD card out of my camera and I'll put that straight into my laptop. I then open up the PropertyBOX website, find the property and just click on add images.  At that point it's choosing the file, looking at the photos I've uploaded and just double clicking them and making sure that I'm happy with the ones I have uploaded. At that point if there's any that require an extra edit, there is a little yellow star underneath each photo that I can click on that and decide what object I want removed.  And again I get the option if I want to pay for it or if it's coming out of one of the credits I’ve pre bought and when I'm happy with all the photos I press submit for processing.

So then I get an email from PropertyBOX to let me know that everything's back, I then log into the website just to  double check that I’m happy with all the photographs and there's a green button for me to download, just download it, save it onto my desktop and then it really is a case of just uploading it straight into the Purplebricks website and carrying on with my advert from there.

One of the biggest benefits for me with PropertyBOX is the object removal feature, something that I do is I buy credits. You can either buy the credits or pay as you go, to have cars removed off the drives or objects that you feel really shouldn't be there.

This is a massive benefit to me and again it really helps enhance the properties because it's all about the brand awareness and making sure that every picture that we put online looks its absolute best.

I just find that it's such an easy system to do that.  It's enhancing my business so much by having these features and the ability to be able to make the photo exactly how I want it to look.

I find that using PropertyBOX is such a simple smooth process is really just a case of uploading and waiting for it to come back. I’m saving so much time and I know the there's a financial factor that goes with it but when I factor into how much time I'm saving and how much more time I have to spend on generating more business it's just such a no brainer expense to my business.”